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Dior Elevator synchronously uses international advanced elevator manufacturing technology and its product structure is novel and unique.




Medical service elevator

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Di’ao’s medical service elevators take full consideration of the special nature of hospital environment...
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Safe, reliable and meticulous design concept

Di’ao’s medical service elevators take full consideration of the special nature of hospital environment. Employment of the world’s cutting-edge modular computer control technology brings about a highly integrated VVVF serial communication control system which enables our elevators to have stable start and braking and smooth operation. In this way, the patients will feel more comfortable in the elevator. Multiple safety performance effectively brings down the the incidence of accidents, allowing physically inconvenienced patients to enter and leave the elevator in a safe manner.  


Great care brings about a wonderful and humanistic world

Di’ao’s medical service elevators give full expression to the design idea of “people oriented” which provides a warm and comfortable space of activity for both the medical staff and patients as much as possible. Soft light and simple hue allow users to experience Di’ao’s tender care and best wish all the time.  


Energy-saving, efficient, stable and safe

Employment of the permanent magnet synchronous technology will effectively eliminate the wear to mechanical gears and the loss of electric energy caused by motor vibration and magnetized rotors. Typical energy saving Compared with geared elevator, our elevator saves energy by 50%. When compared with gearless elevator, our elevator saves energy by 35%. Outstanding energy saving effect not only saves the elevator’s operation cost, but also greatly lowers the requirements on the controller switching equipment, the inlet cable, the emergency power generator, and the fuse capacity. When the elevator is in operation, lower heat loss is caused, which lowers the requirement on the temperature of machine room. Additionally, gearless tractor needs no oil, thus bringing down the fire risk.

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Highly integrated intelligent control system

The full computer intelligent control system accomplishes multi-microcomputer, modular and network-based control and brings about much higher speed in data processing. The built-in high-intelligence microcomputer module in the system exercises the most safe, accurate and efficient management and control on computer operation.


Microcomputer group control management system

Our elevator group control system is a high-speed network processing nerve center which employs the “fuzzy computing” method. Based on efficient and prompt genetic algorithm, it calculates the best elevator operation method in the building, in order to choose the best and the most timely plan for taking elevator.


Intelligent elevator dispatch system

A passenger only needs to choose the targeted floor via the keyboard or touch screen before entering the elevator. And the system will arrange an appropriate elevator for the passenger and then the elevator will arrive at the designated floor.

A. Eliminate the drawback of stoppage at each floor which is typical of traditional elevator;

B. Create a more orderly environment for taking elevator in the lobby;

C. Efficiently solve the problem of too many people in the elevator during commuter time.


Reservation guiding system for targeted floor

The elevator will be distributed in an optimum way according to different targeted floor. Even if during rush hours, the number of passengers will be reduced relatively (compared with the coefficient of previous generation) and the passengers can take the elevator in a carefree way. Multiple elevators will be distributed to different targeted floors, so that the stoppage time is reduced and more prompt service will be provided to the passengers.


Remote monitoring

The wired or wireless communication module will carry out real time monitoring in the remote monitoring center on the operation of elevator and the passengers in the elevator. In this way, the fault will be removed before occurrence and the passenger safety will be ensured.

ID/IC card (personal identification)

ID/IC card controls the use of elevators. This elevator can be used only ID/IC card is available, which greatly enhances the management safety of the building and makes the users rest assured.


New generation of permanent magnet synchronous gearless tractor

The Deo elevator of Germany pioneers the permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction technology and expands the new generation of energy-saving elevator. The core technology as successfully developed according to the environment concept represents the future development orientation of elevators. Energy saving, saving room, lower building construction cost and elevator operation cost are the greatest characteristic enabling this technology to take the lead in the industry. It also thoroughly solves the environmental pollution issue caused by oil leak from traditional tractor and meets the motor’s requirement of free maintenance and environmental protection.


Di’ao’s energy regenerative feedback device

This device will recycle and reuse 25%’s energy as consumed by elevator. When the elevator is moving up with no load or moving down with full load in particular, the energy as generated by the motor will be transformed into thermal resistance before totally wasted. Di’ao’s elevator energy regenerative feedback device will be transformed into corresponding normal current through electric power. The newly generated current can be used for other electrical devices of the building and thus bring about energy saving in the real sense.


LED energy saving lighting

As a lighting device in the elevator , the LED lighting driven by direct current has ultralow power dissipation, and the electric power shall almost be transformed totally. When the lighting effect remains unchanged, it can save energy by over 80% compared with traditional light source.


Automatic lighting in the elevator car

The employment of automatic lighting technology in the elevator car takes full consideration of the need of being user-friendly, energy saving, and environmental-friendly. It makes sure the lighting is off when not used, so that the electric power will not be consumed. When used by others, the light will turn on automatically, and the elevator operates with low energy consumption and saves electricity.


Accurate position control system

Advanced sensor offers high-precision real time signal feedback on the operation of motor rotors, which accomplishes millimeter-based positioning of the elevator car operating in the shaftway as well as the almost no-error leveling. Reliable displacement memory technology for elevator car ensures advanced door open and safety on the same floor before the elevator has stopped.


Elevator door control system

Di’ao’s elevator door control system employs the dual control system: one group is controlled by the master controller of the control cabinet, and the other group is controlled by the main board in the elevator car. This has greatly reduced the failure of opening the door caused by fault of the elevator door control system.


Light curtain protection

Di’ao elevator uses sensitive and concentrated infrared curtain. At the elevator door, a light curtain safety net is formed, which gives a sensitive response to men or objects accessing its probe plane and thus shows high safety and free entry and exit.


To save building room, put the building space into more effective use, ensure more sensitive and reliable operation and more elegant and attractive building, our passenger elevator with mini space adopts compact permanent magnet synchronous gearless tractor and specially designed control cabinet. In this way, the area of the elevator space is the same as that of the shaftway. Our passenger elevator with mini space will help users to raise engineering efficiency and construction progress. This product can ensure the smooth operation of building engineering and will not affect the engineering progress due to installation of elevator. When it is necessary to update the construction, the main engine of this product can be taken out from the machine room with ease and replaced in a convenient way. On the contrary, the conventional main engine has been fixed in the machine room.