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Suzhou Diao Elevator Industrial Park (Phase II Project) held its inauguration ceremony

The first month of the first month symbolizes perfection. At 9.18am...

The first month of the first month symbolizes perfection. At 9.18am, the groundbreaking ceremony for the second phase of the Dior elevator officially began. Zhang Zhicheng, deputy director of Wujiang District People’s Congress, Qi Zhenyu, deputy head of the district, Zhenze Town’s three teams, heads of government departments, and senior leaders of the Dior Group attended the opening ceremony. Chen Qi, Mayor of Zhenze Town, presided over the ceremony.


The introduction of the commencement ceremony of Dior Elevator Industrial Park (Phase II) by Di Jian Elevator General Manager Xie Jianlin.

Zhen Zhen, Party Secretary of Zhenze Town, made a speech.

The relevant leaders and the senior management of the Dior Group jointly laid the groundwork for the project.

Suzhou Dio Elevator Industrial Park covers an area of more than 150 acres, of which the second phase covers an area of nearly 100 acres. It is mainly used for the construction of complete machines and core parts workshops, R&D buildings, and national elevator laboratories. Total investment: US$ 120 million. In the effort to build the Dior Elevator Industrial Park. At present, the 22000m2 high-performance escalator production workshop and the 17,000m2 R&D building have been completed, and some of the unused land is mainly used to build multi-functional workshops and supporting facilities for elevator core components. The second phase of the project is expected to be completed in June 2018. After the completion of the park, the company's annual output capacity of escalators can be increased by 5,000 sets, which will fully enhance the company's core competitiveness.