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Di'ao Service Miles, wholeheartedly serve customers


Dior Service Miles, wholeheartedly serve customers

Dior is not only the manufacturer of high-quality elevator products, but also the provider of excellent services...

Dior is not only the manufacturer of high-quality elevator products, but also the provider of excellent services! From September 2017, the group's elite service team has experienced Anhui, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Hubei, Jiangxi and other places, together with local partners, visited Dior customers, the elevator installation, commissioning, maintenance and common Fault diagnosis and processing training, dedicated to customer service!

It is better to read a thousand books than to travel thousands of miles. The way to serve thousands of miles away is to continuously upgrade from products to service guarantees, do a bit well, come to customers, and walk into the hearts of customers. The activities mainly focused on the following aspects: first, technical training and on-site Q&A on the electrical side; second, installation specification interpretation and implementation of new standards, common mechanical fault diagnosis and processing; third, the principle of permanent magnet synchronous traction machine, installation, Commissioning, maintenance, FAQs and related matters of attention; Fourth, on-site site Q & A; on-site inspection of the project site, pointing out the inadequacies and guidance on how to solve, eliminate hidden dangers, prevent in the first place!








Survive with quality, develop with service. The product quality and product sales have been steadily improved. The after-sales service system has been continuously improved and the after-sales service capability has been continuously improved. Dior knows very well that the development of a company is inseparable from the trust and support of its users. We are committed to establishing, maintaining and developing good customer relationships and creating higher value for our customers! Serving thousands of miles, walking steadily, our actions are more powerful because of our satisfied customers' smiles!