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Warm congratulations on the successful conclusion of the 2018 Global Marketing Working Conference of Dior Group

New era, new ideas, new technologies, and new energy - to enhance the needs of a better life and share the achievements of Dior's development...

New era, new ideas, new technologies, and new energy - to enhance the needs of a better life and share the achievements of Dior's development, the 2018 Global Marketing Working Conference of the Dior Group was held in Shijiazhuang, China on January 18-20. Leaders of the company's head office, global distributors, government leaders, and strategic partners gathered together to celebrate the event. Mr. Tang Jian, the host of CCTV, served as the moderator of the conference.

At 9:18 in the morning, General Secretary Zhang Lexiang of the China Elevator Association, Director Wang Shenliang of the Special Equipment Division of Shijiazhuang, three senior members of the board of directors of the Group, and four sales elites jointly promoted the launching wall. The 2018 annual global marketing conference of the Dior Group officially kicked off.

This year's annual meeting was performed by the group's employees singing the song “Sword and Field” by the Dior Group. This song was composed by CCTV teacher Tang Jian. It is the first corporate image and product image song in the elevator industry, demonstrating the Olympics. The endless charm of corporate culture.


Ms. Yang Aizhu, President of The Dior Group, made an opening remark. She said: “In 2018, we firmly established the four confidences of the Dior Group, and we must adhere to the five combinations, adhere to law-abiding and “innovation, coordination, green, open, Based on the shared development concept and the national “five in one development strategy”, it strives to create eight first-class enterprises. Through the sincere cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises and multi-win-win situation, it has built a “100-year-old enterprise” and “China’s elevator industry”. 100-year brand "unremitting efforts!"

Mr. Zhang Lexiang, Secretary General of China Elevator Association made a speech.

Afterwards, Di Jian Group's general manager Bo Jianlin made a summary of the Group's marketing in 2017 and deployed 2018 global marketing. He said: Dior Group (including the Group’s three major elevator companies, Tianao, Diao, and AoLingda, and its branches, Agency, dealers, service providers, real estate, and service companies, etc.) In the next three years (that is, from 2018 to 2020), before the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, it will be crucial to complete the successful completion of a well-off society. In the new era of Xi Jinping, under the guidance of the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, we will take the people as the center, work for the happiness of the people, rejuvenate the people, study and solve the structural reforms in the supply side of the elevator production industry in China's economic construction, and the elevator user's regional The problem of unbalanced, inadequate and social aging, urban life function needs to be renewed, and the people's need for a better life is continuously met, and the diorama elevator business will be made bigger and stronger.

Wang Lingen, vice president and marketing planning director of Tianao Elevator (China) Co., Ltd., made a marketing report.

Zhu Dongliang, Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang Ao Ling Da Elevator Co., Ltd. made a keynote speech

Dior Group's excellent agents at home and abroad published work reports. Regardless of the past or the future, the development of the Dior Group cannot be separated from the creation and struggle of every agent.
Shijiazhuang Up and Down Elevator Co., Ltd. Korean

Hengshui Chengan Elevator Sales Co., Ltd. Song Zhisong

Guizhou Duoling Elevator Co., Ltd. Jiang Duolin


Qingdao Dio Elevator Co., Ltd. Huang Shuguang

Jiujiang Lonao Elevator Sales Co., Ltd.  Zhang Chengyu


Tianao Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. Gansu Branch Zhao Peng

Tianao Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Branch Zhang Jiasheng

European Elevator (Bangladesh) Co., Ltd. Mohamed Andrew Huck

Valhalla Indah Sierras Eltra Escal Elevator Co., Ltd. Huang Ruiliang

In the afternoon session, Mr. Bo Yongming, deputy manager of the Technical Department of Suzhou Diao Elevator Co., Ltd., first explained the urban rail transportation solutions and the “Aoxion” elevator IoT solution.

Mr. Shen Yixiang, Manager of Technical Department of Tianao Elevator (China) Co., Ltd., explained the solutions for retrofitting existing buildings and the 13m/s high-speed ladder solution.

Mr. Chen Yuhui, deputy general manager of Suzhou Diao Elevator Co., Ltd., led the company's team to report on 2017-2018 Quality Miles activities.

Subsequently, the highlight of the annual meeting - the award ceremony and the gold medal group purchase signing ceremony. Through the selection of the board of directors, they commended the excellent agents who contributed to the development of GDI at the award ceremony. The annual conference awards set a total of 9 awards, including the Golden Dragon Award, the Silver Dragon Award, the Qinglong Award, the Qianlong Award, and the International Elite Award. Various dazzling awards were garnered from their homes and they were unveiled in applause and cheers. These awards not only record the honors of the winning companies, units and individuals, but also record the glory and dreams of the Dior Group.






The agents on the floor were full of confidence, and they swiped cards at the scene to sign up to buy.

The final agenda was a concluding remark made by Mr. Bona Kunfa, Chairman of the Dior Group: The Dior Group will take responsibility for creating a better life, contributing to society, serving the people's livelihood, and sharing the development results of Dior with the vast majority of its partners so as to realize the new A new leap of the times.

"Across the World in the New Era" - The Dior Group will perform performances in 2018 and the group invited the host of the CCTV host Tang Jian as the host of the conference.

CCTV host Tang Jian teacher






Yang whips up the horse for an emergency and looks at China's new weather. The theme of our event is "a new era, new ideas, new technologies, and new kinetic energy." Let us join hands to open a new era of common development in the new era to write a new chapter in the future of the Dior Group!