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Projects of Di’ao / Chengdu Rongjing Mansion


In the Chengdu Rongjing Residence Project, Dior Elevator provided 14 sets of passenger lifts for the project!



Rongjing Mansion is invested and built by Chengdu Kaili Investment Co., Ltd, The project is located at the intersection of Shaxi Line and Yupeng Road. with a total investment of 610 million yuan and a building area of 160,000 square meters. It will be built into a cultural exhibition,business conference and leisure holiday, The hotel-style mansion and high-end restaurants are among the most distinctive and iconic urban leisure and tourism complexes in Ji County, The residential building adopts a neo-classical Chinese style. It combines classical carving with simplification and combines with modern materials to present a classical and simple new style, expressing the sense of culture pursued by the high-end class.



The project itself also has 50,000 square meters of commercial facilities, and will create a historical and cultural block similar to “Kuanzhai Alley”, allowing it to have a deeper historical and cultural connotation and heritage of the Xiqiao Ancient City, and will form catering in the future, Entertainment, leisure in one of the old commercial district.