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Projects of Di’ao / Changsha Tianxia Jiayuan


In a world-wide Jiayuan project in Changsha, Dior Elevator provided 33 sets of passenger elevators for the project.



Tianxiaxia Project is located at the southeast corner of East Second Ring Road and Renmin Road Interchange, occupying the most central city-level location, with a total area of approximately 80 acres and a total construction area of 203,000 square meters, covering three major residential, commercial, and office buildings. form. The facade of the building is ART-DECO style with clean lines and full of texture. It will become a landmark building group on the road among the people.



The world is home to a thriving Wanjiali business district, a railway station shopping district, and the Gaoqiao shopping district's three major business districts, gathering thousands of wealth and business opportunities. As the only residential product sold in the region, the scarcity value is self-evident. Not only provide comfortable homes and office space for nearby merchants, allowing them to achieve both business and daily life, while a huge appreciation space provides investors with rare wealth opportunities.