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Projects of Di’ao / Panzhihua LongYang LiYuan


In Panzhihua Longyang Laiyuan Project, Dior Elevator provided 16 sets of passenger elevators for the project.



Miyi's "Longyang Liyuan" real estate development project was listed as the key project for the start-up project of 2014 in Panzhihua City. The project is located in the middle section of Yingbin Road, Krone New District, Miyi County, Panzhihua City, with a total construction area of 40601.94m2, a total construction area of approximately 134530 m2, a total of 1634 households and a total investment of 470 million yuan.



The project includes commodity residential areas, old-age leisure resorts, supporting commercial areas, elderly medical rehabilitation areas, senior fitness sports areas, elderly apartment residential areas, and elderly care service areas. The theme is “healthy care, retirement, and living” with quality building materials, Humanized house design and high-end property management services, together with supporting facilities for health and old-age care, rich human resources and ecological landscapes in the region, and a desire to realize the ecologically-inhabited class, strive to create humanized personalities, enriched lives, and healthy normalization. Diversified health care and pensions are among the top priorities of the investment.