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The Voyages of Heaven and Earth, Emperor Dioyang and Four Seas - Opening Ceremony of Tianao Elevator

The monkey decreed the age of the monkey, Jinfeng welcomed the spring, and the song of the celestial world spread across the world...

The monkey decreed the age of the monkey, Jinfeng welcomed the spring, and the song of the celestial world spread across the world. On the 13th-15th of 2017, the opening ceremony of Tianao Elevator and the 2017 Global Marketing Working Conference of Dior Group were held in Huzhou, China. Dior Group's head office, global distributors, government leaders, and strategic partners gathered together to celebrate the event. Mr. Tang Jian, the host of CCTV, congratulated.

2017year 1on October 14th, 10 days ago, Tianao Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. Opening Ceremony in Huzhou City Nanxun Elevator Industrial Development Park unveiled.

At the opening ceremony, Chairman Biankun issued an impassioned speech. He said: “Tian'ao Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. will be in the market to lead the high-end elevator technology in China to provide a full range of intelligent elevator services. The business model aims to create a world-class elevator brand and takes the most professional and refined service as its concept. It will build itself into a large-scale elevator company with internationalization, scale, customization and high-end, and it will provide vertical transportation for humans. Transport provides unparalleled service!”

The Nantong District Party Standing Committee and Party Secretary of the Development Zone, Jin Hexin, delivered speeches.

Mr. Zhang Lexiang, Secretary General of the China Elevator Association, extended his warm congratulations on the opening of Tianao Elevator.

Chairman of the Group Bo Kunfa, Group President Yang Aizhu, Secretary General Zhang Lexiang of China Elevator Association, President of the Huzhou Elevator Association Qianjiang, Standing Committee of the Nanxun District Party Committee, Party Secretary Jin Hexin of the Development Zone, Deputy Mayor of the Nanxun District Shen Xuefen pressed the start of business together Ball, the opening ceremony was completed.

In the afternoon of 218, General Secretary Zhang Lexiang of the China Elevator Association, three senior executives of the Group Board, and four sales elites promoted the launch wall together. The 2017 Annual Global Marketing Meeting of the Dior Group Opening.

The Group Chairman Yang Aizhu made an opening statement to represent the Group's arrival of government industry leaders and conference guests, as well as the various leaders who have long supported the development of the Dior Group; all branches, agents, employees and parties involved in the marketing frontline. Express my heartfelt thanks.

Then Deloitte Group Managers and representatives from domestic and foreign outstanding distributors made brilliant reports to the conference.

Group Vice President/Marketing Director  Wang Lingen

Group President Assistant/District   Shen Xianlun

Group Deputy General Manager/General Manager of Ao Lingda Elevator  Chen Yuhui

Diao Elevator Commissioning Manager   Zhong Jiaqi

Dior Elevator Electrical Manager  Tang Linzhong

Dio Elevator Overseas R&D Director Wang Wei

General Manager of Dior Elevator Guizhou Branch  Jiang Duolin


General Manager of Dior Elevator Shandong Branch Dai Dong Guo


General Manager of Hengshui Chengan Elevator Sales Co., Ltd.   Song Zhisong


PT. Eltraeska Karya Agung CEO MR.Samuel Handoyo

The Dior Group fought against the tide in a difficult environment, breaking through and winning a beautiful victory after another. The triumph of this time can not be separated from the board's strategy, but also from the employees and the sales elite. Tough fight. At the meeting, the representatives of the three major brand employees and marketing elites of the Dior Group were full of confidence and swore to protect the Group's development, and continued to forge ahead with the goal of creating a brand of 100 years!

Zhejiang Olingda Weike Elevator Co., Ltd. Square array

Suzhou Diao Elevator Co., Ltd. Square array

Tianao Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. Square array

Dior Group Marketing Elite Square

At the end of the afternoon session, the general manager of the company, Jianlin Zhang, made the 2016 marketing report for the year: 2016, although the economic situation in the past year was complicated, under the correct leadership of the board of directors Thanks to the concerted efforts of the organization and the vast majority of partners, the marketing of the Dior Group still showed a good upward trend.

In response to the dinner, all the participants watched the wonderful performances presented by Mr. Tang Jian, the host of the CCTV, and a special performance group, and had dinner together.

CCTVModerator Mr. Tang Jian and Mr. Bo Jianlin Toast toast

Co-chairman Bian Kunfa, President Yang Aizhu and Agents Toasting

The agenda for the next morning's meeting ushered in the highlight of the conference, strategic cooperation signing and awards ceremony. The agents on the floor were full of confidence. In just two hours, the number of signing stations at the scene reached a total of more than 20,000!

Through the selection of the board of directors, they commended the excellent agents who contributed to the development of GDI at the award ceremony. The annual awards set a total of Jinlong Award, Yinlong Award, Qinglong Award, Qianlong Award, International Elite Award, etc.9big awards. Various dazzling awards were garnered from their homes and they were unveiled in applause and cheers. These awards not only record the honors of the winning companies, units and individuals, but also record the glory and dreams of the Dior Group.

Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony

In the end, Group Chairman Bun Kun made a summary of the annual meeting and 2017 workweek deployment. Bo Dong said:Group 2016 Marketing Work in 2016 Having withstood the test of the market and achieved remarkable results, opened upSpace for Ascension>;Forecast 2017, Dior people must redouble their efforts and pay more Wisdom and hard work to serve the market and serve customers.

In the past year, we have used passion to ignite dreams and write hard to make achievements. Contains glory, the journey of a thousand miles has begun; today, the journey begins and sails again. In the 2017 year, the Dior Group will use its high-end brand Tianao Elevator as its turning point to continue to work together with partners and join forces to bring new brand image and strong brand strength to the market, which will be China's high-end elevator market. Create a more brilliant chapter! I believe that in the future high-end elevator market, Dior Group will triumph and song, vertical and horizontal world!